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Tips and advice

Having been involved in removals for many years the following is a guide to help you make your move easier on yourself;

Friends and family at this time can be invaluable. More hands means quicker progress & in some cases a sounding board for motivation, consolation or advice. Not to mention some enjoyment!

A few weeks prior to your move donate unwanted items to charity.
In Edinburgh the following ethical charities require furniture & some bric-a-brac;
Barnardos  0131 337 7563 
Bethany  0131 467 3993
Edinburgh Furniture Initiative (EFI)  0131 557 7900
Lothian Cat Rescue shop  0131 661 3411 
PDSA  0131 662 0158

Collect together a moving kit, & keep it handy; marker pens, spare money, phone numbers, tools, tape, labels, keys, first-aid kit, toiletries, your favourite take away's menu, tea, food, drink, maps & other essentials.

Number the boxes & record what's in them. Seal all boxes properly, especially underneath, pack them level so they can be stacked & mark which room they are to go to. Mark fragile items as fragile.

Keep the weight sensible. If you can't lift a box, it might be an injury-hazard for someone else. Share the weight amongst boxes. Not all books in one massive box for instance.

Tape garden tools together, curtain poles, bed-slats.

Watering plants should be done after the move not before. A messy & considerable extra weight.

Clothes into big bin liners or in boxes with spare space.

No explosives, flammables, gas containers.

Provide your forwarding address in good time to banks, DVLA, insurance companies, fuel providers, cable or satellite providers, web provider, doctors, dentist, library & tax office.